Do You Have to Hide Your Debt?

Being in debt can cause so many negative issues in a person’s life. Apart from increasing stress, it can even lead to depression if no immediate solutions are found. Most often, the level of emotional trauma depends on how a person can handle stress.

In the USA, new research has found that at least one in three consumers is hiding financial woes from their loved ones. Currently, the country’s so-called hidden doubt is already at 55 billion dollars.

The latest report also revealed that an average personal debt is pegged at 9,731 $ and this does not even include the mortgages. However as people face this debt, they admit to their spouse and other family members that they owe only half of the amount.

There were other important details revealed. According to the research that covered some 2,258 consumers in the USA, one in five consumers does not tell their partners about their financial problems. On the other hand, 78 percent of those who have debt never admit to their partners how much they owe. While 22 percent were able to be honest about their debt, majority were actually caught out. Some tried hard to deny their problems but those who did this actually admitted their act only added to their financial woes.

Now as to those facing debt, it’s the women who were found to be lying more about where they spend their money. Mostly, they’re not honest about their spending on clothes while the men lie about spending on alcohol.

Obviously, suffering from debt and lying about it is a stressful experience for anybody. Among those surveyed, many complained about suffering from different forms of anxiety. These include lack of sleep, mood swings, drinking more alcohol and poorer performance at work.

Psychologists point out that although people’s decision to hide their debts from their loved ones is their way of showing their independence and self control, this isn’t the right way to solve their problems. They just don’t want their family members to worry so much and they’re showing that they can take care of everything. But not admitting one’s real issues in life can affect the person’s physical and mental health. Additionally, the problem will also have a negative effect on your loved one’s health especially once they get to know of the real problem.

So the best way to deal with your debt is to be honest to yourself and to your family. If you don’t want to be affected, then find immediate solutions. It’s never right to escape from your debts. Settle it as early as you can to avoid accumulating more debt moving forward.

A good option is to obtain short term unsecured loans such as the payday and cash advance types. This is the more affordable alternative and it’s fast and easy to obtain as well. Since most lenders now do business on the internet, it’s very convenient for borrowers. Those with bad credit need not fear about presenting a collateral or worry about a credit check because these are not usually required.…