More Adults in the USA Face Debt Due COVID-19

One of the challenges that adults must face in life is how to properly handle their money. This is especially true if they start working on their own and as they start a family or even a business.

More Adults in the USA Face Debt Due COVID-19Budget management is, however, a task that not all people or specifically not all adults are skilled at. And so while some are able to manage their money well, some unfortunately have difficulty in this aspect. This can be traced to how a person was raised by his or her parents. Those who were taught the value of saving when they were small and were exposed to how their parents handled the family finances grow up to have a better idea of money management. On the other hand, those who were spoiled as kids such that they often got the things they wanted may have a hard time handling their funds when they grow up to become adults.

In the USA, latest reports say that the number of adults experiencing extreme debt has risen. In fact, the figure has doubled in two years. A main factor was the global recession last year that resulted in pay cuts and lesser working hours for many people. Considered to be extreme debt is if the ratio of a person’s debt to his income is more than 66:1. According to the Consumer Credit Counseling Service, there were more than 8,000 men and women who were facing this debt ratio in 2020 due COVID-19.

In addition to this, people who filed for insolvency last year also reached its high point. These included those who declared bankruptcies, had debt relief orders (DROs) and those who were into debt plans known as individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs).

Fortunately, there’s help available for people who are experiencing extreme debt. The Ministry of Justice earlier announced a government program that will assist people in debt to pay only a very minimal amount of one $ for a period of six months. After this period, they can then start repaying their debts in full to help them improve their financial situation.

This program should not, however, be seen by those in debt as just a temporary means to settle their financial troubles. They should learn from what they’ve been through and as much as possible, should commit to not go into debt again in the future for the sake of their children and their family as a whole. Sometimes there are people who continue with their old habits after they’ve surpassed one trial in their lives. The others are just too stubborn that they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Take for instance the use of credit cards. The credit card has been confirmed as a major cause of debt for many people but some adults just ignore this until they accumulate a high balance and can no longer afford to pay.

A good alternative to this issue is obtaining an affordable short term loan instead such as the payday and cash advance. This does not entail a variety of charges and can be paid back according to the schedule most suited to the borrower’s financial situation. What counts as always is to be conscious of one’s financial obligations and pay what you owe on time.